Your potential impact is determined on two things: Resources and Abilities

When looking to invest work into something that furthers your potential to make money or impact the world around you in a meaningful way, they further one of two things:

  1. Resources you have, like money, property, connections or something that shows off your skills (projects, resume, degree)
    1. External appearence is a resource e.g. Attractive people are more effective in politicsAttractive people are more effective in politics

      Peterson and Palmer found that individuals that were perceived to be conventionally attractive were more effective politically effective than their peers ([[Paper - Effects of physical attractiv...
  2. Abilities you posses, like knowledge or specific skills

Looking at the rewards that you gain from actions through this lens helps when prioritizing opportunities. From most opportunities, you gain both, but identifying which parts are especially important/fruitful will lead to more clarity going forward.

These two do interact with each other, as abilities can help you gain resources (high paying job) and resources can help you gain abilities (courses and freedom to learn)

(Idea: Resources help you succeed in the short term, abilities help you suceed in the long term)

It may help to list these as an exercise in evaluating ones position.

This duality was mentioned by Cal Newport in The ability to do deep work is a skill worth cultivating for your professional lifeThe ability to do deep work is a skill worth cultivating for your professional life

Cal Newport comes at this from two angles in [[Book - Deep Work.. 3 Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World]]:

The professionals of today need to A) learn new skills quickly a...
as the main reason why Deep WorkDeep Work
Deep Work: Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit.

The entirety of [[Book - Deep Work.. 3 Rules for Foc...
is important

Should "personal happiness" be inserted into this equation? It does not directly determine your impact, but plays a huge role in how effective you will be in using the other two parts.