You will never be 'your own boss'

The sentiment that self employed people are "their own boss" and "can make their own hours" is often thrown around in the entrepreneurial community. However, no matter how you are employed, there will always be an external force dictating the direction of your work:

  • If you are employed, you have an employer
  • If you are a freelancer, you need to answer clients (and search for them on top of it)
  • If you are an entrepreneur, either investors or the costumers direct what you need to build in order to survive as a business

So instead of removing the overarching force, we are just replacing it, in the spirit of There are no solutions, only tradeoffsThere are no solutions, only tradeoffs
This quote by economist Thomas Sowell is picked up in [[Book - Essentialism.. the disciplined pursuit of less]] to highlight the necessity of cutting things out of our life. We cannot choose to do ...

In a lot of cases, it can actually be more stressful than being an employee, even though your schedule might not be as strict. (insert some link to concepts from the e-myth here)