Where to place something in the second brain depends on what questions you want to answer

  • When asking yourself where to place a certain piece of information in your second brain, ask yourself "What questions do I want to answer with this?".
  • Listing notes about movies that you have watched suits tools like Notion really well, as "What movies did I find interesting last month?" is easily answered by the database feature. Research questions on the other hand are often better answered by combining sources, so interlinking the research papers and articles you read in tools like Roam is of a much greater benefit.
  • This is very related to the Idea of "In what context do I want to find this again?" from the Book - How to Take Smart NotesBook - How to Take Smart Notes


    author: Sönke Ahrens
    title: How to take smart notes: one simple technique to boost writing, learning and thinking: for students, academics and nonfiction book writers
  • Structures -> unstructured linkage (databases with the search trees) (this should be its own evergreen linked to the actual cs concept)