When sharing something on social media, you always need to provide some form of value

  • Think about how often you see stuff on social media that you do not care about. Selfies, Lunches, Lattes, Sunsets. If you want people to stick around and actually resonate with what you have to say, think about how your post can bring something to the viewer.
  • Otherwise you will just turn into the human equivalent of spam.
  • Book - Show Your WorkBook - Show Your Work


    author: Austin Kleon
    title: Show your work! 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered

    states that content should be helpful or entertaining. "interesting" could also work, but most things that are interesting most often fall under one of the other two categories.
  • (A possible third state: does it make people feel connected?)
  • Austin Kleon likes dribbble.coms tagline: What are you working on?
  • Also, always ask if you were ok with your mom or boss seeing what you posted. This is a simple filter that keeps your public persona clean.