Video - What Is a System? And How Did They Save Zelda?

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    • author: Adam Millard - The Architect of Games
    • title: What Is a System? And How Did They Save Zelda?
    • year: 20192019

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  • Description: Systemic games are a real enigma, they're revolutionary and important- but no-one can really explain what they are. To make things even worse, systemic games are also supposedly responsible for fixing the legend of Zelda!? What the hell??? Luckily, The Architect has you covered, and they've come up with a helpful way to explain what systemic games are all about without having to go through the boring business of redefining words.
  • My thoughts: Systemic Video Games offer the player a unique experience to themselves and the ability to tell their own story (also great for marketing via social media). The reactions of the systems need to be consistent for the player to create his own solutions to presented problems. Embrace expression and exploration - Miamotos childhood experience.