Video - What Breath Of The Wild Is Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games

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    • author: Razbuten
    • title: What Breath Of The Wild Is Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games
    • year: 20192019

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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gives the players so many options because all of the things you try will work in some way or another. (Normally, Video Games can have some pretty counterintuitive for non gamers) Consider using the game to introduce new people to video games. Its system driven design makes it also really intuitive.
  • (fascinating transcript part of the video:) As she approached the tower, she saw a bokoblin blocking the path, and not wanting to get killed by it, she went out searching for a new weapon. I thought she might head back to the starting area to search for one, but she decided to head into the forest instead because the only weapon she had found at that point was a stick, and she figured that’d be a good place to find one. After searching for awhile she came across a stick, nut decided to keep exploring in order to find a more reliable weapon. While heading through the forest she narrowly avoided a few dangerous encounters, and she eventually came up to a small fire by a cliffside with two rocks sitting at the edge. Just to see what would happen, she pushed one off of the edge and heard the sound of bokoblins being splattered. "That sounds, like, really violent…" For good measure, she pushed down the other one as well. Knowing that the bokoblins she had seen so far all had weapons, she decided to head down to the camp and see if they had dropped any. Once she got down there, she fought the single bokoblin left alive, stole its bow, somewhat clumsily killed it, and then looted the camp. At this point, she felt confident and armed enough to take out the bokoblin by the tower. There were certainly easier and more efficient ways for her to get a suitable weapon, but the approach she ended up taking led to an exciting and memorable sequence that made her feel resourceful and clever. I think my favorite thing about her little excursion is that it all started from her simply not noticing the weapons placed on the starting path. Her mistake led to a major success where she ended up being rewarded with a weapon far more valuable than a woodcutting axe, and I can almost guarantee that she wouldn’t have even gone in this direction had she found a weapon just lying around. And this really gets to the heart of Breath of the Wilds’ greatest strength.
  • This video could be great inspiration for Game Essays