The zettelkasten is not really practical for modern university courses

  • Book - How to┬áTake Smart Notes argues that the Zettelkasten can be used as an intuitive studying tool for university students. I disagree with this notion.
  • The volume of the course material as well as the very brief explanations of the presented concepts make it really difficult to work the notes into the zettelkasten. You learn a lot of facts that you will need to remember but don't connect to any further thinking (How many neurons does the human body have?)
  • Also, you will need to remember the notes of your notes for exams. While interesting connections can help with the learning process, this method of studying is way too slow and unreliable.
  • On top of that, having those notes in the zettelkasten can further hurt your studying by making the content seem familiar, which is bad as book - make it stick