The key to enormous success is not doing the hardest things

  • The key to great productivity is not forcing yourself to do the hard things. It is to change your environment so that you naturally gravitate towards doing the productive thing.
    • Success is not the result of strong willpower but rather the result of smart working environments that avoid resistance in the first place (neal at al 2012, painter et al 2002, Hearn et al 1998)}}
  • Using his Zettelkasten, Luhmann always had small and easy writing steps to do, so he never has to force himself to do anything he did not want.
    • Doing so, he avoided the hardships of writing, as Linear writing is multitaskingLinear writing is multitasking

      Ever step of the writing process is easy: Editing a draft, connecting finished arguments to make a draft, arranging arguments into an outline, turning notes and thoughts into arguments and takin...
  • This idea is taken from Book - How to Take Smart NotesBook - How to Take Smart Notes


    author: Sönke Ahrens
    title: How to take smart notes: one simple technique to boost writing, learning and thinking: for students, academics and nonfiction book writers