The Belmont Report

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    • title: The Belmont Report
  • In the report, three ethical priciples are stated for working with human subjects
    1. Respect for Persons
      • Two aspects: Individuals should be treated as autonomous agents (people with diminished autonomy should be protected)
      • -> This demands that subjects enter the research voluntarily after being informed accordingly
      • ! People that might be strongly incentivised to partake due to circumstance are defined as having diminished autonomy
    1. Beneficience
      • Protect the subjects from harm and ensure their wellbeing.
      • Depending on who the beneficiary of the research really is, this principle could raise dilemmas in various circumstances.
    1. Justice
      • Even though a concrete definition on what is "just" is not existant, there should be a strive to be fair on both the choice and the payment of subjects. Importantly, the research should not include people who are unlikely to benefit from the research results.
  • Before participating in a study, the subjects must give informed consent.