Prisoners are more likely to be dyslexic

A study of Texas prison inmates in 2000 found that dyslexia is far more common in prisoners compared to the general population. This fact is not surprising post hoc, but shows the tremendous importance of educational support in increasing societal stability. Moody, K. C., Holzer, C. E., 3rd, Roman, M. J., Paulsen, K. A., Freeman, D. H., Haynes, M., & James, T. N. (2000). Prevalence of dyslexia among Texas prison inmates. Texas medicine, 96(6), 69–75.

However, dyslexia does not bar you from success, when supported accordingly (there have to be some studies here). For instance, Richard Bransons (Virgin Companies) once stated:

At some point, I think I decided that being dyslexic was better than being stupid.