Permanent notes and literature notes are the only note types that should be permanently stored in the Zettelkasten

  • Book - How to Take Smart NotesBook - How to Take Smart Notes


    author: Sönke Ahrens
    title: How to take smart notes: one simple technique to boost writing, learning and thinking: for students, academics and nonfiction book writers
    states that the only note types that should be kept in the zettelkasten are the literature notes and the permanent notes. Discarding fleeting notes and the like keeps the zettelkasten decluttered.
  • The book does a poor job at explaining the separation of the two, however. The Zettelkasten community does not agree on how these fit together, as taking both literature notes and permanent notes seems like a lot of repeated effort most of the time.
  • Luhmann stored the two types of notes in different places, so for his writing, he only used the zettels themselves (the literature notes merely served as stepping stones).