Paper - Pointing as epistemic request: 12‐month‐olds point to receive new information

  • Metadata:
    • author: Ágnes Melinda Kovács, Tibor Tauzin, Ernő Téglás, György Gergely, Gergely Csibra
    • title: Pointing as epistemic request: 12‐month‐olds point to receive new information
    • year: 20142014

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  • Research Question:
    • Are pointing gesture in infantspointing gesture in infants
      Social pointing in infants develops between 9 months (understanding) and 12 months (production) and is a fundamental communicative gesture. Prior, pointing is primarily used for private purposes, l...
      epistemic requests towards interaction partners?
  • General:
    • Sharing condition, where researcher shares the attention of the child
    • Informing condition, where researcher shared the attention and gives out information/feedback
    • 12 month-old children were tested
  • Study 1:
    • Method:
      • 8 trials are done, where the researcher plays with a toy on the table, when a plushie appears behind him. As soon as the child points to the plushie, either one of two reactions is elicited
        • Sharing: "Yes"
        • Informing: Different Emotions - "Wow, Ahh, Ugh, Huh"
      • increase and decrease of pointing gestures between both conditions are measured
    • Results:
      • Children show a decrease in pointing in the sharing group, with a significant difference between both conditions appearing in the last two trials
  • Study 2:
    • Method:
      • Same method as study 1, but not the plushie is unknown in nature to the child and the "sharing" condition uses a known word to describe the object, while the "informing" condition uses an unknows word to describe it.
    • Results:
      • Same as study 1
  • Interpretation:
    • Pointing gestures are form of epistemic requests and are used to elicit information from interaction partners.