Paper - Infants generate goal-based action predictions

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    • author: Erin N. Cannon, Amanda L. Woodward
    • title: Infants generate goal-based action predictions
    • year: 20122012

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  • Research Question:
    • Can infants (< 12 months) anticipate actions of others?
    • Did previous studies really study action anticipation (before), or did they just find evidence for pattern recognition in presented actions (after)?
  • Method:
    • 11 month old children were presented with scenes like woodwardInfantsSelectivelyEncode1998woodwardInfantsSelectivelyEncode1998


      author: Amanda L. Woodward
      title: Infants selectively encode the goal object of an actor's reach
      year: [[1998]]
      url: Weblink

      Used a [[looking tim...
      (2 items, hand (mechanical or human) grabs one repeatedly in trial runs, item positions are switched for test run)
    • Other than the looking time paradigm employed by Woodward, A. L. (1998), this study used eye-tracking to capture the anticipatory gaze before the hand reached the item.
    • DV: Will the children focus their anticipatory looks on the same item as before, or on the same position as before?
  • Results:
    • The children focused their looks primarily on the same item in the human condition and on the same position in the mechanical hand condition.
  • Discussion:
    • Infants interpret the actions of others as goal oriented and (what this study showed:) can anticipate the actions of others in different contexts based on this analysis