Memorization is required for creative thinking

A lot of the advice in Book - Make it stick.. the science of successful learningBook - Make it stick.. the science of successful learning


author: Peter C. Brown
title: Make it stick: the science of successful learning

is advice that helps memorization. In our modern education system students, parents, and even some educators look down upon the idea of "brainless" memorization.

The book argues that memorization lies at the very core of all flexible and creative thinking: The spontaneous idea generating part of our brain only works when the information is already intuitive and accessible (could you read a language when you know no words?)

It is true that rote memorization alone is not enough to face the challenges of the modern world. But instead of arguing "memorization vs creative thinking", we should look at memorization as the basis that enables us to make creative connections and solve problems later on.

(Todo: What are the processes behind developing intuition? What did Kahnemann say about this?)