Language probably is the gateway to civilization

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author: exurb1a
title: We're the Last Humans Left
year: [[2018]]
url: Weblink

The ending is truly moving.

, exurbia tells the story of us outliving any other human species. Neandertals were taller and stronger than us, and had bigger brains as well. However, we as Homo Sapiens were able to make varies noises with our mouth, allowing us to communicate, organize, and survive in the end. Homo Sapiens came to the region where Neandertals lived from east Africa, and within 5000 years, Neandertals were extinct.

Language allows us to communicate abstractions that make civilization possible, like money, universities and governments. As exurbia states it, "Language probably is the gateway to civilization"

I theorize that reinventing communication with tools such as the ones developed by Neuralink will be the single biggest invention in human history.