Focusing on bottlenecks has the highest priority when improving efficiency of anything

This needs a lot of work, but the idea can be found across a lot of mediums.

Book - Essentialism.. the disciplined pursuit of lessBook - Essentialism.. the disciplined pursuit of less


author: Greg McKeown
title: Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less
year: [[2014]]

cites a story from "The Goal", a business parable where fictional character Alex Rogo is tasked with turning around a failing production plant. He uses his experiences as a Boy scout leader as an example of presenting the idea of bottlenecks. (Kids needed to go up a mountain trail, one kid was slow , this caused issues -> the slow kid was brought up to the front and every measure that improved his speed also improved the speed of the entire group)

An old extra credits video also mentioned how a producers role in a studio is mainly to identify what parts are making issues and solving those so that everyone can work at their max capacity.