Checking emails only twice a day is an easy way to improve productivity

  • This is especially true for most office jobs, but even as an entrepreneur, reducing the number of times you are distracted by email and texts is an incredibly effective way to boost your productivity.
  • Book - The 4 Hour Work WeekBook - The 4 Hour Work Week


    author: Timothy Ferriss
    title: The 4 Hour Work WEEK - Escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich.

    proposes the rule of only checking email twice a day. In office settings, it is most effective to tell others about this rule and use your phone for more urgent matters.
  • Be careful - The "Lower IQ by 10 points when being distracted by email" by Dr. Glenn is misscited all over the place (including the book) and is taken widely out of context, used only 8 subjects and did not include marijuana use. While email is distracting, this study should not be used to highlight this fact.