Always be honest about which parts of your business are process-driven and which are founder driven

  • The differentiation between founder-driven businesses and process-driven businesses is highlighted in Book - The 4 Hour Work WeekBook - The 4 Hour Work Week


    author: Timothy Ferriss
    title: The 4 Hour Work WEEK - Escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich.

    . To achieve full freedom, Tim Ferris encourages you to transform as many parts of your business into automated, process-driven entities as time goes on.
  • We are not always honest to ourselves what parts can be outsourced and what parts cannot. We might feel confident that we can outsource a task soon even though we as a founder are still highly involved in the task. On the other hand, we might feel like we absolutely need to do a specific part ourselves while it could be outsourced with little trouble.
  • When starting out, do everything yourself and create references on how to do these tasks for outsourcing later.
  • In computer science, the concept of "Pets vs Cattle" is often used to describe servers and fits perfectly to businesses in this context.
  • Are some businesses inherently impossible to automate effectively? Wait until you have read the e-myth to elaborate on this zettel