10x goals are better than 2x goals

  • (There is an entire book about this concept, maybe read the Shortform summary for that?)
  • Dan Sullivan states the following about business: Having 10 times higher goals can actually be more achievable than 2 times higher goals. While the latter makes you just work twice as hard with whatever methodology you are using, the former forces you to think outside the box, take radically new approaches, and grow.
  • On top of that, these changes make you rethink your priorities. While 2x could fit in your schedule, 10x calls for drastic changes to your time management and focus.
  • This line of argumentation matches the Philosophy of EssentialismEssentialism
    The main philosophy explored in [[Book - Essentialism.. the disciplined pursuit of less]]

    It is closely related to [[Deep Work]] and shares a lot of the same approaches (differentiating important ...
    . When defining a 10x goal, we are cutting out everything that is unnecessary and only focus on what is essential, as Most things are not importantMost things are not important
    While arguing for [[Essentialism]], [[Book - Essentialism.. the disciplined pursuit of less]] brings up a quote from John Maxwell: “You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everythin...
  • Obviously, doing 10x is unpractical, but the thought experiment of "If I had to do 10 times as much, what would I change" sounds promising.